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Udghosh - Find invisible users on gmail

Last update on Udghosh:11th April 2016.
Its been now long years, seems like Google updated the login method and google does not allow this app to login. If you still want to try to find invisible users of google talk you can check this method. If you are unable to do it in that method, then you will have to drop the idea and sleep well!!! Google is now pretty highly secured.

Google has changed even the chat program and now its called Hangout, and one day google talk will be completely phased out. Hangout does not allow "invisible mode", it allows making only away. Hangout in mobile stays as away. So the concept of invisible is gone and people can only stay online, away and offline. Thanks for visiting the site.

Latest software to find invisible users: Udghosh
Thank you for all the guys who has patiently waited for much awaited invisible finder. Sorry for delaying, i was quite busy with my personal work,so i started to work on this very lately. From past one week i was testing this, but if you find any bugs please report, whenever i get time i will fix it. Email has been send to all the users who has requested for email notification for this new release.
The people who has shared their emailids for notification; their emailid has been removed from the account, hence no contacts or emails would arrive to you from Vimanas [vyompvblog] here on.

Name of the program has been changed from "Atiguhyam" [means very secret] to "Udghosh". "Udghosh"  means to announce or proclaim. The name has been changed as the logic of its working has changed and its not anymore a secret.

Google Patch would come very soon
I believe this would also be patched very soon may be even faster than the previous one. So this program might run only for, might be in days, weeks :). To patch it, takes only seconds for Google.
And i believe this might be the last way to find it and i don't see any other way in future to the find invisible users and in fact i am quite busy with the my own personal schedules. So in short use this program and fulfill your mind of finding invisible buddies and do not search again if its not working :).
Well this blog would be running with technical things and others even later but blog will not be updated regularly it would be in abrupt manner.

The Notion
To remind you, on 8th October 2010 "Atiguhyam" invisible part of the program was patched by Google.
On Fri Oct 15, 01:54:00 PM IST i got a comment from a guy.

Anonymous said... 

 there is a simple way to discover invisible buddies that resists. Try to open a groupchat with an invisible buddy. In Pidgin it's straightforward: rightclick on the buddy you think invisible and then click on Start chat. It'll open a groupchat. If you can see the buddy in the partecipants then the buddy is invisible. Obviously it's not stealth.

He did left a code name at the bottom of the comment which i have not pasted here, so that i can identify his comment again or him. I have deleted the comment from this site after i read so that i can think to start coding on it. May be if the comment was not deleted; by the time i finish coding the program might get patched and my effort would be wasted :).

I checked in Google nobody has still now told this method nor i feel this guy has put it anywhere. So "Udghosh" will do it all what has written in the comment.

From his comment we can understand that to do the things in Pidgin [open source chat client] is quite easy [only installation might run tough]. So in short there are two ways to do it use "Udghosh" or Pidgin. Well Udghosh was specifically made for this so it has its own advantages.
The explanation on how to do it in Pidgin can be found here.

Working of Udghosh
1)It connects to Google talk
2)Goes in invisible mode
3)Joins a chat room.[in Gmail its called group chat or conference][Offline/invisible buddy chat invitation cannot be done in gmail/orkut]
4)Invite offline/invisible specific buddy for chat in that room .
A point to note is that this method is not a secret way to do; it almost works like "Chat off the record method[which got patched long back]" but the difference in that and this; here no message is send to your buddy, he/she would see only an alert of group chat window at his/her side.
 Alert chat window at invisible buddy end
The name "...... has joined and ........ has left" is the name given [or in buddy's contact list] to you by your buddy. I am not able to avoid/change that name through coding.Well joining and leaving room happens within 1-2 seconds.
5) This program then count the number of people in it. It should return a count "2" [you and your buddy] if your buddy is invisible else it will return "1". When the buddy joins the room it even sends the presence notification of available only to that room or to you.
6)It then finds from where your buddy is online [possibly gmail/orkut{since he/she is in invisible}]. This code returns the first poll from where the buddy has received the invitation. In short this code will show only the location of first poll; it will not show both [orkut/gmail] together.
7)If its in scanning of all offline users then it will invite your next buddy in a new chat room and process will go on.

Features of Udghosh
1) It has been incorporated with all the other modules of "Atiguhyam" namely blocking users. Name of the Unavailable users module has been changed to Available users. A new module has been made for invisible finding. It has all the feature of Atiguhyam.
2)Guarantees to find invisible user and also to find their resource[from where they are using Google chat].
3)Loops till your buddy comes online/invisible.

5)Abuse using this program to annoy somebody with group chat window has been taken care.
6)Auto scanning of all your offline users or any specific buddy/buddies. 

Look and Function

All the modules of Atiguhyam has been incorporated hence please check here to find all the function of Atiguhyam.

The new tab of  Udghosh.
Snapshot of Udghosh
1.Login to find invisible users/buddies in your google talk account.
2.Check to scan all invisible users in Google talk.
3.Check for looping, it works only when emailids have been entered doesn't work with scanning of all users. Uncheck at anytime to stop looping.
4.Enter one or more emaild of your buddy whose invisible status you want to check. Separate each email id with comma ",". For eg:,
5.Check this to see all the invitation process.

You need to check the option of scanning all users; it has been made in order to avoid by mistake scanning of all your buddy as a group chat window will appear for all.
The scanning auto stops when any one of your buddy[that buddy emailid's which you provided in the emailid's textbox] is detected.
While looping the moment user logs in Gmail/Orkut/Google talk it will get detected.

How to run 
The invisible users in gmail orkut can be found easily in any of the operating system namely Windows [all version], Mac OS X[apple pc's], Linux versions [Redhat, Ubuntu, etc], Solaris. As its developed in java it can be run easily.
Please go here to find more details on this.

Frequently Asked questions

1. Is this another bug in Google talk?
A: Its not a bug in Google talk. Its based on XMPP protocol. From any chat client you should be able to do it.

2. You [developer] will come to know my username and password?
A. Please use a java decompiler and then check my code or the program which you run if you doubt the program. May be you don't know Java to check my code, in that case go and download wireshark and then you can see all the site which your computer is visiting.Run my code and see which site my code is visiting. Please don't use this program if you can't do both and still have doubt. In simple words; i am not storing your username or password nor i know it.
If you have low trust in the program, another way is to use Pidgin and find invisible users manually by clicking each user one by one which i have explained here.

3.Why should i use Udghosh when i can do the same with Pidgin?
A: Udghosh has more features and by default Pidgin has no invisible state [you need to add plugin that also makes you available for some time after logging in].
Udghosh is a small program of small size [1.14MB] developed only for finding invisible users/blocking users. Pidgin is a complete chat client [26+MB].
If you have low trust in this program and wants to find invisible users, please use Pidgin and find it.

4.Will Google patch this?
A: Google will take only seconds to patch this. Though it is with the protocol and not a bug in Google talk, its a wish and will of Google about the future of Udghosh.

5. Like Atiguhyam will it show when the blocking user come online?
A: No. It will only show the user who uses Google talk / Gmail /Orkut /any other chat client and this guarantees you to show his resource [from where he has logged in]. Well in other way its a complete invisible finder, nobody escapes. With blocking user you will not be able to chat or invite nor will he be able to do.

6. I want to use Proxy server?
A: Use proxy server at the LAN connection of your system or in modem then all your programs, browser will work via proxy server. The proxy settings are in different place in different operating systems. As such this program doesn't support a direct proxy server as its prone to network error. But will work via proxy server when kept in the system LAN/modem.

7. I got an email  id like this "", how to find the buddy name?
A: This id indicates that this buddy is from your orkut and he/she has registered in orkut using an emailid other than gmailid. You can use "Blocking Users" of this program to find the user name. If such a buddy hasn't blocked you then only you will be able to get his profile name else the software will not be able to show his identity/profile name, and you may find difficult to understand who the buddy is.

8. Is there any way that i can avoid my name while invitation?
A: This is the final method to find invisible users and you don't have any other way nor any way to avoid your name in the group chat window.

9.Can you show the source code?
A: You may use a java decompiler and then you can read all the source and understand it. I have written above the logic of its working.

10.Why don't you hack yahoo messenger invisible, facebook offline etc and show users?

A: I am not a serial cracker or hacker to do it. Nor i am an experienced coder. Its all about perseverance.

Please do comment in the blog and let me know how you used it, i wish to hear from you. Thank you :).

And the last Part:
Udghosh program. Click on any of the below link:
Hope you have read both my pages of Atiguhyam and this page completely.
The file size is 1.14 MB.
Last update on Udghosh:14th Nov 2010.

Last update on Udghosh:11th April 2016.
Its been now long years, seems like Google updated the login method and google does not allow this app to login. If you still want to try to find invisible users of google talk you can check this method. If you are unable to do it in that method, then you will have to drop the idea and sleep well!!! Google is now pretty highly secured.
Google has changed even the chat program and now its called Hangout, and one day google talk will be completely phased out. Hangout does not allow "invisible mode", it allows making only away. Hangout in mobile is always in away. So the concept of invisible is gone and people can only stay online, away and offline.

Still the app can be download from Google Drive

Thank you for visiting the site and using the program.


  1. it is awesome... works like a charm :) and also easy to use...
    waiting to c a yahoo invisible checker :D
    for yahoo, there is a mobile (java ) client shmessenger, in it we can c the status as 'invisible' if the person is invisible :)

  2. Anonymous...
    Thank you for the comment.
    For yahoo there are a lot of ways to crack, if you search in Google you will find it, hence there is no requirement for that. Anyway at present no time for me to make the same.Thank you for the info and comment :).

  3. I have 3 questions for you!

    Typically when I run the loop it says the following over and over: (my question is at the end regarding something that appears only sometimes)

    "Local time
    Loop gets stopped when buddy is detected
    a delay of 20 secs until next scan"


    "scan number XXX
    going in invisible mode
    waiting for available buddies"

    Available users
    email ids you have entered are
    XXX(the specific email id)
    checking on the status of your buddy"

    like I said, usually when the ID entered is not signed on, the loop just repeats this same thing. However, occassionally I have seen the following appear and says something like "Private chat invited...XXXX (some other codes, letters and numbers...)"

    there have been times when during one loop cycle, that same line may appear as many as three times and then the next loop, it goes back to the typical.

    What does this mean when I see this?

    Also...sometimes on the loop it says "inviting your buddy to chat" but most times it just says "checking on the status of your buddy" What is the difference?

    Also...if someone is logging in via a mobile phone, it does not seem to detect invisible.

    Thanks for addressing these 3 questions.

  4. Anonymous....

    Thanks for putting the question.

    Referring the picture above. Look at the item 5 [the check box]. If you click that it will show the invitation process [if you put one email id you will not see much difference, but if you put multiple or you are testing the complete user list , you will see a big difference]. As such there is no difference in the process it just shows you what the program is doing in short "Udghosh doesn't hide and do anything". The button was made so that user have the option to hide unnecessary things.

    Logging in mobile phone-> Are you logging in Gmail or Google talk ? It will show only the people in Google talk [not like the Atiguhyam which shows people logged in Gmail {old release}].

    "Private-chat-XXXXX" you will not see in Udghosh. If you are seeing that then please let me know the number of loops after which its shown and exact scenario.
    Now even if you are seeing this Private-chat-a123f can you say exactly where you are seeing [if not in Udghosh].

  5. Hi...thanks for the response.
    As for the "private chat" followed by a series of numbers and letters"...this showed up during a one hour time span after it had already done over a thousand loops. The strange thing is the hour that it showed up, I have good reason to believe the person may have been online. (but the loop never stopped) appeared only a few times during about a 1 hour time span. First it was showed just one line....then it went back to the typical readout...then a few minutes later it appeared again and I think there were three lines of it...then it when back to the typical again...then after about 5 minutes or so it showed up again and after that I never saw it again. (and I have reason to believe again that the person signed off)

    Could this be a fluke if they were simply signed into gmail and not gtalk? or possibly using another chat client? just curious.

    Thanks for the help.

  6. ....also,, to add on to the previous post...I used my droid and logged in to google talk with my "test" ID while I had my "test" ID running on loop and it never showed that I was invisible. I even went in available and it never showed. I'm wondering if the same is true of Blackberry.

  7. Anonymous..

    Something wrong with the comment system. I had replied to your comment on Nov 25th itself. I think since my answer was long blog auto deleted as i typed as a normal user.


    ///The strange thing is the hour that it showed up, I have good reason to believe the person may have been online. (but the loop never stopped)///
    Is the person same for which you were searching? So what you mean to say is that the loop did not stop when the person for whom you were searching came online [when you tested more than 1 hour].

    With android mobile login, do you see yourself in your normal gmail [when you are in available]? If you see yourself in gmail then please check in the normal "Available Users" tab and check whether you are able to see yourself there.
    The software which you use in android in google talk may not be supporting all the features of Google talk, might be its not supporting the group chat features. Group chat feature is the one by which Udghosh find invisible users. Can i know the software name which you use for google talk in android?

    I have tested for many loops i couldn't replicate the thing which u have mentioned and even checked the code too.

    Thank you for the reply.

  8. hi,
    it's very useful and easy to find invisible person.
    but, the group chat window is appearing on the another side for which i want to know about. so can u remove this feature because somebody want to keep it secret.

  9. Hi...
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was wondering if you had forgotten! :)

    Regarding the Droid: Here is something interesting. When I use gmail, I go through the browswer, type in "gmail" then log myself in and it takes me to the 'Mail' screen. There is a "talk" tab that i touch and it takes me to the chat screen where it loads my contacts. The URL when I go into "talk" is In the "Available Users" loop, it shows me as "available user", even when I'm invisible in my status on my phone. As soon as I go back over to "mail" the loop takes me off and no longer shows me in "available users" So, on the droid, i show up as an "available user" whether i'm invisible or in available. hmmmmm.

    As for the "private chat" lines appearing: what i was trying to explain was that the ID that was running in the loop for hours never showed the "private chat" lines until from about 4 - 5 am. It just so happens that the person who belongs to that ID had signed on in Facebook during that time so I knew they were online. It just seemed odd that it was at that time that the "private chat" lines showed up. I thought maybe if they were using some other chat client program (Adium, Pidgen, a Blackberry, etc.) that there could have been a fluke.

  10. Anonymous 1.....
    Please read completely whats written on this page other than comments. This is the final way to find invisible users, that message cannot be avoided as the name is taken from your buddies contact list.

    Anonymous 2....
    I couldn't replicate the scenario which you told nor i ever got it.
    As such it should not come. Private_chatxxxx[a big code its random number] is actually a room name in which your buddy will be invited and its a message between Google talk and Udghosh. Its never printed on the screen for users to see.
    At one place in the loop where you find the invisible users i try to take the username\resource by improper way where i expect that the message will be in a format and i cut from that message the required things and show [thats the only point i do a random thing may be from here a chance of getting it printed is there]; but the code has been developed in such a way that the randomness is highly reduced to nearly 99.9999999% but still there is a chance.
    If its not found in above case then probably you might have to push your brain to tell me where exactly you saw that lines after Available users printing .... And was the same buddy kept on loop test. Did your buddy reply for the group chat you invited?
    Many question lies but as such i cannot tell it exactly why it happened [since unable to replicate what you saw].

    Thanks for your reply :)

  11. The fact that the invisible checker pops up a chat dialog on the others' party is a no-no I guess

  12. thnks
    but please remove the pop up dialog box when it appears to the invisible person's site.

  13. can we find invisible in gtalk without inviting for group chat & without showing up our ID?

  14. Anonymous...

    I still now did not find any other way to find invisible users.
    In short without invitation its not possible at present.

  15. our project presentation is over!!! but there was some problms like i already said, we didnt get the status of a buddy and at a time single chat is possible!!!!
    but we are still trying to upgrade our software by resolving the probs!! plz help me!! monday is our viva , so before if can get the code for getting the presence of the buddy, i guess i can implement to our system!!! please help me!!!

  16. Hello Sandeep

    I believe my previous email to you had a complete solution for your enquiry.
    Since you still faced the problem i will send you a link in which its explained how to get the status,info of a single person one by one. Make sure you understand that code which is explained there in that link.
    All the best :)

  17. Hello vyompv...

    I downloaded Udghosh....but i could not log in says wrong username and password

    or network may be down...

    I have ensured correct values and my net is not down...does this still work....??

  18. Hello Sandip

    It works perfectly :) even now :).
    This site gets a lot of users daily. Only a very few comment here.

  19. I'm confused by the output when I tried to run the program:

    Your local time ->Sat Mar 26 14:36:08 EDT 2011
    Connecting to Google talk....
    Scanning all users...
    Going in invisible mode
    Waiting for available buddies .....

    ----Available users----

    Total= 0
    Checking the status of your buddy
    Going to scan 2 buddies
    1 -
    ----Invisible users----

    Total= 0


    My question is where it says "Checking the status of your buddy
    Going to scan 2 buddies
    1" does this mean that there is one buddy who is invisible? or that there are 0 invisible users, as seen in the line below it?

  20. Anonymous...

    I believe you have tested with your secondary emailid [since you have only 2 contacts].
    The 1- that you see is actually a display showing the buddies Udghosh has actually[the contact who is your friend] scanned. [its like a counter that gets increment when it scans each buddy; it says how many buddies are scanned at present].
    In that output actually there is no invisible users.

    By the way there is an option in Udghosh to "show everything" what it does. If you check that you can see what actually it does [rather than just a counter].
    I have explained the whole thing above in the explanation of Udghosh.

    Note: There is a difference between Contacts and Buddies[friends]. A contact need not be your friend in chat [a contact can be even another email domain]

  21. Hi Vyompv,while chkecking the invisible users in Gtalk through Udghosh it sends an empty chat to that user from my id(like mailid has joined;has left). How to avoid this?

  22. Anonymous:
    Please read completely what's written at top.
    As of now there is no other way to find invisible users of Gmail.
    :) the pop up window is just invitation to Gmail buddy, cant avoid it !!!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hello,

    When I run the app, I get the below error msg:
    Connecting to Google talk....
    You might have typed wrong username or password.

    Its also possible that your network is down.

    However I am logged in to GTalk as well as GMail so am not sure why this error could be coming. Please help!

  25. This application will not work if you enabled the 2-step verification. It will not handle the SMS/Voice verification. You can use a special generated password to login; but still it has to generate everytime. For the time being you just stop the 2-step verification in gmail and use the program.
    You can see here to generate a new password and then use in that application. This application works fine even now. Make sure you read completely whats written on the page before using to know how it works.

  26. I had not enabled the 2-step verification process till now. However I have done it now and gone ahead to generate the app-specific password just to see if it works this way. However even after entering this pwd, the same error msg comes. Am I missing something?

  27. Check whether your firewall is allowing Udghosh to connect Gtalk.[Better disable Firewall and check]
    You can disable the 2-step verification if you were not using before.

  28. is the best yahoo invisible detector.

  29. Hi..this is great work...but i need to know whether it is possible to do the same thing..(when identifying invisible users) without sending a group chat join and a leave message? cause that would be really really smart, to know who is hiding without even confusing them, by sending such a message..

  30. Hi, its a great tool. I have a query. While searching invisible user, sometimes in it shows two entries for same account eg, as below from gmail.9A95A3DC; from gmail.9B8B5680;

    What could be the reason for the same?

  31. Hello Anonymous
    Sorry for the delay. As of now i dont know the way to find that without sending the chat invitation. Actually the chat invitation force them to join a room. If they join the room then he is online else offline.

    Hello Anonymous

    Sorry for the delay. from gmail.9A95A3DC; from gmail.9B8B5680;
    It just shows that the person has 2 different gmail login for chatting. May be he has opened 2 page [it could be from different device or browsers] of the gmail for chatting. Each will have a different login session [gmail.9A95A3DC; gmail.9B8B5680].

  32. I used java decompiler, wich all jar files are using, and wich all the java files i need to took into consider.

  33. Hi Sandeep

    As of now i have relocated and i dont have personal PC/laptop. I have not created any jar files; that which you see are library files of smack. Please find the details on smack from internet.

  34. Hi
    I've got neither 2-step verification nor firewall running but I'm getting this error:

    Your local time ->Fri Dec 23 11:34:46 CET 2011
    Connecting to Google talk....

    You might have typed wrong username or password.
    Its also possible that your network is down.


    It's connecting very long and then throwing this error

  35. marmistrz
    Is original Google talk client working in that machine ? Please check with normal google talk.

  36. Using Ubuntu Linux. Empathy is running and the contacts are seen via Empathy.

  37. marmistrz

    It should work if Empathy works.

    Check your firewall. Else just turn it off.

  38. marmistrz

    You may not have installed, by default it would have installed.
    ok lets say now you have figured whether firewall is off.
    Install Wireshak in your machine. Run it on your network adapter. In the filter put these -> tcp.port == 5222
    Now run the program and try to connect. [when you connect using Udghosh, you will see some text scrolling in wireshark] Stop the wireshark after you receive teh error from the program. Save the trace of wireshark by selecting all desplayed.Upload that file in any of the file uploader site and comment here the URL. I will try to analyse why the program doesnt connect. Even you can analyse it urself.

    If you dont know to use wireshark, then please check in internet. It very easy to use.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Aleksander

      Your comment was heart-touching for me [i am lucky that my loved ones are still living]
      You should get inspiration from the program/code and then do something new which could be useful to the society rather than getting addicted to the same code :)!!!
      May be you are new to the code level; learn as you have learnt to walk or talk or write(some of the toughest job which you did).

      Thanking you for the comment and for using Udghosh.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. does this software still work ?

    1. Did u try it without the sms authorization?
      It still works.

  42. its just awesome dude, fantastic, brought forward some true colors.... thanx

    1. Thanks :) for the reply ... Emotions do get attached with Google and then with this software.

  43. WHy dont you make the online version?

    1. I thought about this long back. Later i found that even if i make people will be more comfortable and trusting a software lying in their PC rather than web [as their passwords can be misused]. Also deploying the software only a very few website allows [which is not given by google]. Also a lot of extra effort has to be done :) which is literally not required.

  44. This works Great!

    Alternative approach: Instead of sending a group chat invite and find the status of buddy can the status be check by sending a Private Message ("Hello!") because in any case the INVISIBLE user (buddy) is going to receive some Ping.

    So why not send a PM :)

    1. Sending PM is a normal chat in which the user is not invited. In a group chat user is invited and he automatically joins the room and then we take count of persons in that room !!!!.

  45. Hi Udgosh,

    When users become invisible in Android gtalk application, pidgin does not detect. Does your application detect users invisible in Android gtalk.


    1. Swetha,

      I have not tried. But i think even this will not work as the concept behind pidgin and this is same "inviting for a group chat".

      Thanking you

  46. Can we detect fake idle users?

    1. Nope its just for available/invisible/blocked users

    2. Might be possible by just checking the from part. For eg: from gmail.9A95A3DC; from xktyi.9B8B5680;

      In the above the guy who is from xktyi.9B8B5680 is not logged from gmail. And if he is away from long time then he might be using a software which supports fake idle... Its just a chance! but this software cannot detect the fake idle user separately.

      Thanking you

  47. Looks like this program was around from sometime now. Is it still working or Google blocked it?

    1. Manish
      It works even now.But make sure u dont switch on the sms authentication for gmail login.

  48. Hi vyompv, i tried it and it worked really good. I really appreciate you for this effort by you. But ironically my purpose is still not solved. i have tried by logging into my different accounts in different browsers, went invisible and tried this it works like charm. But my main concern is when i tried it by logging into gtlak in iphone and android device, it only shows when the person is available. But when i went invisible there it doesnt showed up me in the invisible users list. I was looking for something by which i can find out the people who are logged on from their phones all the time but just to avoid in invisible mode (my subordinates in this case). Please guide me if you have any solution for this. Awaiting your reply !! :)

    1. Hi Ashish
      It has not been developed for mobile, i guess the servers are different for mobile and PC's. Moreover now the gtalk is getting upgraded to Hangout which doesn't support invisible users anymore.
      I havent tested for mobile nor did i develop the mobile version of it.
      As of now i dont know the solution. Thanks for your comment :).

  49. The download link is broken. Could you please give an updated link. Please !!

    1. Hey A *
      I have now updated this blog and download links.
      If you still want to download the program, you can download and de-compile it.

      Thanks for visiting

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