Thursday, July 22, 2010

Open mulitple terminal using gnome-terminal

This is the command you can use to open the multiple terminal.

gnome-terminal --tab-with-profile=default --command ls --tab-with-profile=default --command "ssh"

gnome-terminal ->command to open terminal
--tab-with-profile=default -> to open a tab with profile default
--command -> you can put the command that  has to be run on that terminal tab

Save the things in a script and run it.

Free database browser Squirrel

Squirrel database java client, i have recently found and used in my office. May be only a few people know about it. 

Squirrel is an open source SQL java client for almost all the database [u only need to mention which is the DB to use and then provide the jar file of JDBC connector of that DB.]

Some features of it
1) You can directly click and edit the datas [no like aquastudio for oracle]
2) You can view the Entity relationship of the tables.
3) You can export all the datas/image/print.
4) Using is quite simple and well explained.
5) For almost all the OS as its in Java.
6) Check the supported DB [almost all which i heard].
7) And not to mention its free.
And many more features

I have myself used and found comfortable [used in mysql].Its easy to use.


Download and installation

Do add plugin and JDBC driver for the specific DB.