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Udghosh - Find invisible users on gmail

Last update on Udghosh:11th April 2016.
Its been now long years, seems like Google updated the login method and google does not allow this app to login. If you still want to try to find invisible users of google talk you can check this method. If you are unable to do it in that method, then you will have to drop the idea and sleep well!!! Google is now pretty highly secured.

Google has changed even the chat program and now its called Hangout, and one day google talk will be completely phased out. Hangout does not allow "invisible mode", it allows making only away. Hangout in mobile stays as away. So the concept of invisible is gone and people can only stay online, away and offline. Thanks for visiting the site.

Latest software to find invisible users: Udghosh
Thank you for all the guys who has patiently waited for much awaited invisible finder. Sorry for delaying, i was quite busy with my personal work,so i started to work on this very lately. From past one week i was testing this, but if you find any bugs please report, whenever i get time i will fix it. Email has been send to all the users who has requested for email notification for this new release.
The people who has shared their emailids for notification; their emailid has been removed from the account, hence no contacts or emails would arrive to you from Vimanas [vyompvblog] here on.

Name of the program has been changed from "Atiguhyam" [means very secret] to "Udghosh". "Udghosh"  means to announce or proclaim. The name has been changed as the logic of its working has changed and its not anymore a secret.

Google Patch would come very soon
I believe this would also be patched very soon may be even faster than the previous one. So this program might run only for, might be in days, weeks :). To patch it, takes only seconds for Google.
And i believe this might be the last way to find it and i don't see any other way in future to the find invisible users and in fact i am quite busy with the my own personal schedules. So in short use this program and fulfill your mind of finding invisible buddies and do not search again if its not working :).
Well this blog would be running with technical things and others even later but blog will not be updated regularly it would be in abrupt manner.

The Notion
To remind you, on 8th October 2010 "Atiguhyam" invisible part of the program was patched by Google.
On Fri Oct 15, 01:54:00 PM IST i got a comment from a guy.

Anonymous said... 

 there is a simple way to discover invisible buddies that resists. Try to open a groupchat with an invisible buddy. In Pidgin it's straightforward: rightclick on the buddy you think invisible and then click on Start chat. It'll open a groupchat. If you can see the buddy in the partecipants then the buddy is invisible. Obviously it's not stealth.

He did left a code name at the bottom of the comment which i have not pasted here, so that i can identify his comment again or him. I have deleted the comment from this site after i read so that i can think to start coding on it. May be if the comment was not deleted; by the time i finish coding the program might get patched and my effort would be wasted :).

I checked in Google nobody has still now told this method nor i feel this guy has put it anywhere. So "Udghosh" will do it all what has written in the comment.

From his comment we can understand that to do the things in Pidgin [open source chat client] is quite easy [only installation might run tough]. So in short there are two ways to do it use "Udghosh" or Pidgin. Well Udghosh was specifically made for this so it has its own advantages.
The explanation on how to do it in Pidgin can be found here.

Working of Udghosh
1)It connects to Google talk
2)Goes in invisible mode
3)Joins a chat room.[in Gmail its called group chat or conference][Offline/invisible buddy chat invitation cannot be done in gmail/orkut]
4)Invite offline/invisible specific buddy for chat in that room .
A point to note is that this method is not a secret way to do; it almost works like "Chat off the record method[which got patched long back]" but the difference in that and this; here no message is send to your buddy, he/she would see only an alert of group chat window at his/her side.
 Alert chat window at invisible buddy end
The name "...... has joined and ........ has left" is the name given [or in buddy's contact list] to you by your buddy. I am not able to avoid/change that name through coding.Well joining and leaving room happens within 1-2 seconds.
5) This program then count the number of people in it. It should return a count "2" [you and your buddy] if your buddy is invisible else it will return "1". When the buddy joins the room it even sends the presence notification of available only to that room or to you.
6)It then finds from where your buddy is online [possibly gmail/orkut{since he/she is in invisible}]. This code returns the first poll from where the buddy has received the invitation. In short this code will show only the location of first poll; it will not show both [orkut/gmail] together.
7)If its in scanning of all offline users then it will invite your next buddy in a new chat room and process will go on.

Features of Udghosh
1) It has been incorporated with all the other modules of "Atiguhyam" namely blocking users. Name of the Unavailable users module has been changed to Available users. A new module has been made for invisible finding. It has all the feature of Atiguhyam.
2)Guarantees to find invisible user and also to find their resource[from where they are using Google chat].
3)Loops till your buddy comes online/invisible.

5)Abuse using this program to annoy somebody with group chat window has been taken care.
6)Auto scanning of all your offline users or any specific buddy/buddies. 

Look and Function

All the modules of Atiguhyam has been incorporated hence please check here to find all the function of Atiguhyam.

The new tab of  Udghosh.
Snapshot of Udghosh
1.Login to find invisible users/buddies in your google talk account.
2.Check to scan all invisible users in Google talk.
3.Check for looping, it works only when emailids have been entered doesn't work with scanning of all users. Uncheck at anytime to stop looping.
4.Enter one or more emaild of your buddy whose invisible status you want to check. Separate each email id with comma ",". For eg:,
5.Check this to see all the invitation process.

You need to check the option of scanning all users; it has been made in order to avoid by mistake scanning of all your buddy as a group chat window will appear for all.
The scanning auto stops when any one of your buddy[that buddy emailid's which you provided in the emailid's textbox] is detected.
While looping the moment user logs in Gmail/Orkut/Google talk it will get detected.

How to run 
The invisible users in gmail orkut can be found easily in any of the operating system namely Windows [all version], Mac OS X[apple pc's], Linux versions [Redhat, Ubuntu, etc], Solaris. As its developed in java it can be run easily.
Please go here to find more details on this.

Frequently Asked questions

1. Is this another bug in Google talk?
A: Its not a bug in Google talk. Its based on XMPP protocol. From any chat client you should be able to do it.

2. You [developer] will come to know my username and password?
A. Please use a java decompiler and then check my code or the program which you run if you doubt the program. May be you don't know Java to check my code, in that case go and download wireshark and then you can see all the site which your computer is visiting.Run my code and see which site my code is visiting. Please don't use this program if you can't do both and still have doubt. In simple words; i am not storing your username or password nor i know it.
If you have low trust in the program, another way is to use Pidgin and find invisible users manually by clicking each user one by one which i have explained here.

3.Why should i use Udghosh when i can do the same with Pidgin?
A: Udghosh has more features and by default Pidgin has no invisible state [you need to add plugin that also makes you available for some time after logging in].
Udghosh is a small program of small size [1.14MB] developed only for finding invisible users/blocking users. Pidgin is a complete chat client [26+MB].
If you have low trust in this program and wants to find invisible users, please use Pidgin and find it.

4.Will Google patch this?
A: Google will take only seconds to patch this. Though it is with the protocol and not a bug in Google talk, its a wish and will of Google about the future of Udghosh.

5. Like Atiguhyam will it show when the blocking user come online?
A: No. It will only show the user who uses Google talk / Gmail /Orkut /any other chat client and this guarantees you to show his resource [from where he has logged in]. Well in other way its a complete invisible finder, nobody escapes. With blocking user you will not be able to chat or invite nor will he be able to do.

6. I want to use Proxy server?
A: Use proxy server at the LAN connection of your system or in modem then all your programs, browser will work via proxy server. The proxy settings are in different place in different operating systems. As such this program doesn't support a direct proxy server as its prone to network error. But will work via proxy server when kept in the system LAN/modem.

7. I got an email  id like this "", how to find the buddy name?
A: This id indicates that this buddy is from your orkut and he/she has registered in orkut using an emailid other than gmailid. You can use "Blocking Users" of this program to find the user name. If such a buddy hasn't blocked you then only you will be able to get his profile name else the software will not be able to show his identity/profile name, and you may find difficult to understand who the buddy is.

8. Is there any way that i can avoid my name while invitation?
A: This is the final method to find invisible users and you don't have any other way nor any way to avoid your name in the group chat window.

9.Can you show the source code?
A: You may use a java decompiler and then you can read all the source and understand it. I have written above the logic of its working.

10.Why don't you hack yahoo messenger invisible, facebook offline etc and show users?

A: I am not a serial cracker or hacker to do it. Nor i am an experienced coder. Its all about perseverance.

Please do comment in the blog and let me know how you used it, i wish to hear from you. Thank you :).

And the last Part:
Udghosh program. Click on any of the below link:
Hope you have read both my pages of Atiguhyam and this page completely.
The file size is 1.14 MB.
Last update on Udghosh:14th Nov 2010.

Last update on Udghosh:11th April 2016.
Its been now long years, seems like Google updated the login method and google does not allow this app to login. If you still want to try to find invisible users of google talk you can check this method. If you are unable to do it in that method, then you will have to drop the idea and sleep well!!! Google is now pretty highly secured.
Google has changed even the chat program and now its called Hangout, and one day google talk will be completely phased out. Hangout does not allow "invisible mode", it allows making only away. Hangout in mobile is always in away. So the concept of invisible is gone and people can only stay online, away and offline.

Still the app can be download from Google Drive

Thank you for visiting the site and using the program.

Pidgin - Find invisible users on gmail

This is the second way by which you can find invisible buddies on Gmail / Orkut / any other chat client.  The notion behind this working is same as of Udghosh. You can read it here.
Anyway use and fulfill your mind of finding invisible user before Google patch it.

How to install Pidgin

Pidgin Supports Voice/Video chat that which is available only in Gmail. Presently works only in Linux. But i have not used or tried.

In Windows:
Go to this site and choose Windows OS and download the offline installer [26.8 MB]. The normal installation is around 9.1MB but after that you may have to again download GTK+ for proper working of it hence offline installer has been choosen.
For me installation went smooth. If you encounter any problem please read FAQ in Pidgin and if not solved ask in the forum in Pidgin.

In Linux:
Go to this site and choose your linux flavour. If its RHEL /Cent OS /Fedora you need to do through yum command, they have explained it there how to do it. But still you will find the trouble of dependency which might take your mood. Anyway you can read what has been written in this blog and try.
For Ubuntu it should run easily.
For all other flavours you need to compile from source.
Lower version of any linux flavour is not going to work as its depended on latest GTK+.
For me installation was smooth in Ubuntu but in RHEL faced some problems, but was installed after solving dependency. If you encounter any problem please read FAQ in Pidgin and if not solved ask in the forum in Pidgin.

In Mac OS X:
Go to this site and choose yours. You might find it tough to do as you need to install Fink. I dropped the idea of trying this.  If you encounter any problem please read FAQ in Pidgin and if not solved ask in the forum in Pidgin.

In Solaris:
Go to this site of Solaris local packages and try to install it. I have not tried. Pidgin doesn't directly give a package for the same but you can compile using their source. You may ask in the forum of pidgin to do the same if you encounter any trouble.

How to configure Pidgin for google talk:
1. Click on Accounts-Manage Accounts.
2. In that new Window click on Add.
3. Choose Protocol as Google talk and fill your username. Add the domain as "". Resource as "Pidgin". Look the screenshot below.
Add account in Pidgin
 4. Click on Advanced. and check it should have the fields like this.
Pidgin Advanced
In the connect server it should be, for the latest version of Pidgin you don't have to type, leave the field empty it auto detects.
5. Save and then click on Accounts-Enable accounts-#choose your account #.
6. A pop up should come for password. Type the password and wait for sometime.
7. It will login and show you all the buddy list. You will be logged in as "Available" state that's online status. You can use a plugin to change that to "invisible" after logging in from here. There its well explained how to use that plugin. I have tried in Windows, it works but you login as "Available" and then you have to change it to invisible. So you will be atleast for a few seconds be seen as "Available".

Find invisible user using Pidgin
1. By default Pidgin doesn't show offline/invisible users. Go to Buddies-Show-#select Offline Buddies#
2. Right click the buddy whose invisible/offline status you want to check. From the context menu click on for . Check the below image. By clicking initiate chat you actually invite the buddy for group chat.
Click on Initiate Chat from the context menu
3. A new window will pop up. If the buddy is invisible then you will find the buddy in the group chat room. Check the image below.
You and your invisible buddy you will find in the room. If he is offline you alone will be in the room.
Your buddy will find an alert window at his/her end in Gmail/Orkut/ Chat client. If you immediately close the window you will be leaving the room. Check below the image.

Pros and Cons of using Pidgin [compared with Udghosh]
1. For Pidgin you need to download [26.8 MB] and for Udghosh its just 1.14MB [usually java will be present in all the system by default].
2. Pidgin has to be installed in your system only for this process, no installation for Udghosh [only pre-installed java]
3. Pidgin completely a manual process at present no scanner nor auto scanning.
4. Pidgin shows you online for a few seconds even if you use the invisible plugin. Udghosh makes you completely invisible.
5. Pidgin has no way to detect when a offline user comes in invisible mode.
6. Pidgin doesn't show from where the user is invisible [Gmail/Orkut], Udghosh shows it.
7. Pidgin different operating system support is not well packaged for Linux/Mac/Solaris. Java support is there everywhere, hence Udghosh runs everywhere easily.
8. In Pidgin if you found the user invisible you can continue chatting from there itself. Udghosh you need to go to Gmail to chat.
9. In Pidgin you don't have to type any email id of the person you need to select the buddy and initiate chat. In Udghosh  for selective user you need to manually type it , but it supports many emailid's together. For complete scan in Udghosh you don't have to type.

For more information on Udghosh  click here.

Thank you for visiting. Please put your comment how you made use of it.