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Find invisible users of Gtalk / Gmail

Latest Update :14th November 2010
If you are visiting the site first time please visit these links:
link1 [about old release] and link2 [about new release]
If you have come here to find new release make sure you read completely of this link:
link1 [about new release]
If you want to know history of finding invisible user from this site, visit these:
link1 link2 link3 link4

About old release:
The invisible part of this software has stopped working from 8th October 2010. Google talk has changed its presence notification in a different way.Click here. Finding blocking users is still working in this software, use it before the google do a patch for that too.

I thought of making this code after getting inspired by the code written by Srijith. He has written a perl script using some perl packages to find the invisible users of gmail. His blog has well explained the working of the code from a layman point of view and from a coder too. So i am not going to explain the things which he has written, please visit his blog for that explanation he has written it very well in the first a few paragraphs [let him get some more visitors in his site].

I thought of making using the concept explained by Srijith in Java. So after a bit of google i came across the package Smack. It completely defines the gtalk functionality. I have used only some of its method defined for finding presence. And with netbeans i created the GUI using Java swing.

1)Easy to you. Small size.Free to use.
2)You keep yourself in Invisible mode while finding other invisible users.
3)Can be used with Google Apps Google talk.[other than]
4)Source of the available users can be seen.
5)Works in Linux, Mac,Solaris,Windows.[as its developed in java]

Before downloading people like to see what it is. So here is the screenshot of the Program.

Read Carefully:

1) Unavailable users are those users who are logged in Gmail and have gone in invisible mode. Unavailable users also include some of the users who are logged in Gmail or igoogle or any other mail checking client and have logged out from the gtalk. [Well once you have logged out from Gtalk you should not be seen but still i am finding that though they are logged out they come and check the presence of available users; might be a bug in Gtalk; hence i cannot rectify this bug].

2) Available users are those users who are logged in and available to talk. You may find these users login source that is they are logged in from gmail,orkut, Talk[Google Talk] or any other with an id number after it.Something like this gmail231231,orkut2342423,TalkD342343,etc. The point to note is if your buddy has opened many gmail window then you will find all his resource with different id number. Well i did not remove this part as some times its quite useful.

As such the invisible users source you will not find but sometime a rare case happen. Your buddy might have kept in Gmail as invisible mode and would have logged in Orkut by keeping available; hence at that time you will find your buddy's source of login even in the unavailable users list.

3) Domain is a very important part but do not edit it if you don't know. Normally and most of the time it is Sometimes may be your company or your university or school might be hosting their email with the gmail [in short i am talking about Google Apps] and then might be using Gtalk for chatting; for those users can change it to to their company domain.

Download Now [hope you read the "Read Carefully" instructions].
A newer version of this software Udghosh is available for finding invisible and blocking users on google talk /gmail /orkut . Before using make sure you have completely read about that on that page.
The old version you can download from below links. Old version doesn't work anymore, it has been kept to download only for developers.
File in .zip format. ZipSize:750-760KB. Actual FileSize:853KB. Hosted at

You need internet connection which allows Google talk to login.
You need Java runtime [jre version 1.5] at least.
Check here what version you have
If you don't have any or at least 1.5 download the latest from here 

My support here will be quite low as i am not a frequent blogger. But still will be visiting here frequently, depends upon the comments which i receive here.

So i would like you visit this site as it has clearly explained how to run a Java jar file

But to summarize: 
For All OS: Type in terminal or command prompt "java -jar GtalkInvi.jar " obviously the file should be present in the folder from where the command prompt is started.This works only if environment path of the command/terminal is set properly.
In Windows: Try first double click on the icon if not you need to visit the site wikihow mentioned above.
In Linux: In the terminal try "java -version" if its less than 1.5 you need to download the latest JRE from the site mentioned above and then configure your environment and still not getting check out the wikihow.[And if still not working then i would like to say you need to try hard; there are no more ways. And may be you can do a google "How to run java jar in Ubuntu" change ubuntu to redhat or fedora or suse or which ever linux flavour you are using.
In Mac: Its the easiest way to run. Double click the file. If not working do a software update for java. If still not working; contact Apple customer care.
In Solaris:Almost same like linux, for more instruction visit this site.

Ways to find the invisible users:
1) Srijith blog explains in Perl script
2) Fedrico Sanco explain here. He does this using Pidgin and he made a plugin to do the same. Logic is same; he likes to call as half invisibility for the reason which i explained above. He did in C language.
3) :) My code.
If anywhere else you have seen such a program let me know.

Please put your comment if you are able to make use of this program and find your business friends hiding, unpaid insurance guy hiding, traveling colleague checking the mail, girl friend hiding or any other liers; let me know how you made use of it ;).


  1. Hi Vyomesh,
    I tryed ur code,but after i type user name and password shows empty list without names:(, just:
    ''---Available Users---

    ---Unvailable Users---

    Your local time->Sun Jun 27

    **Login again if you are not fiding all your buddies here**


  2. My mistake,It works!Great job!Thanks for this

  3. works great. Thanks a lot.....

  4. great blog,great guy :-)

  5. Tasha Do visit my site within 1-2 months. I will do upgraded version of this with a feature included in it [will not tell the feature till its up]...

    Thank you for using it :)

  6. so that u can easily find our usernames and pwds...

  7. plz dont hack our useles a/c ....

  8. after login in i found the names in unavaliblae users though few of them culd be seen online on gmail still thery were displayed in unavlaible users

  9. Vangli and others....Well i will never say this program is a hack on googletalk, its just a tweek in the code. All the chat client don't show the unavailable user i just changed only that part of the code and i am showing it. [What if those gtalk client started showing the same then obviously there wont be meaning in the invisible user and may be google will change protocol of chat] Please use a java decompiler and then check my code or the program which you run if you doubt the program. May be you don't know Java to check my code, in that case go and download wireshark and then you can see all the site which your computer is visiting.Run my code and see which site my code is visiting. Please don't use this program if you can't do both and still have doubt.
    I am not encouraging to use it [let your invisible buddies get some freedom and the gmail invisible user have some meaning].

    Anonymous: There is always a chance of your buddy being keeping himself in "invisible" in orkut/gmail and then keeping himself "Available" in gmail/orkut. So you will find your buddy in both [Available and unavailable users]. But its never possible that you find your buddy in gtalk and find in this java program "unavailable" [rerun and check it {fraction of second may change},if u ever find it again]. I have deliberately kept a delay in the code so that all your buddies will check your presence in that a few seconds.

    Well a better gui and another feature [will not expose it now] i will be soon adding in the next release. If you are downloading this code, well do come after a month or so to get that newer version. [or download only the newer version :), wait till then].

  10. hey i dont find your code for it
    how does it work?

  11. Anonymous:The explanation of working of this code is well explained by Srijith [read my site content]. Now the thing is about the Java code which i wrote, i have used the smack package for doing this. Explanation of the code is something which i did not wanted to do in this blog. The guys who are really interested in finding the source code should google and find a java decompiler [many free version are there] and then you could see the whole java code of the program which you are running. You can see the whole structure of the code. I have written comments inside the code specifying the use of the code. Please do put an effort for the same and find the code yourself.
    There is no much things which i am doing in the code, i am showing the thing which other chat clients doesn't show. You can even google for a chat client source code and see how the presence of buddies is checked. Anyway you need to put effort, its all in your hands.
    Well it doesn't take much time in downloading the decompiler !!!!!

  12. This program works great, thanks! Question though - does this program allow you to see the availability of someone who has blocked you? It definitely shows me the status of people I've blocked, but I'm just wondering if it works in reverse. Thanks

  13. Anonymous.. Yeah it will show in the reverse way too... That happens because of the bug in the google talk which i have explained above [Read my "Read Carefully" instruction "Unavailable users"] . .... Wait for my next release [within a month] you will soon have some better GUI experience and also a great feature. [may be you can easily guess the next feature]. May be that feature will save a lot of lives

  14. i am sorry but i still didn't understand how it works even though i read all above

  15. Hi Vyompv, just saw the work of Srijith...

    Thanks! Your program works on my ubuntu machine.

    Now there are some things I would also like to ask (sorry I haven't tried java programming or xmpp before).

    Using the program sets my status on gtalk as visible for a short time (much longer in Srijith's script), this may be unwanted when I'm currently logged in as invisible. Can my user status be set to "Unavailable" by this program?

    It would be nice if program updates the output at a time interval (5 seconds or so). Even if it just dumps everything in the terminal (does not erase the previous output). And then wait for a keypress (ReadKey) to exit.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!


  16. This program works great, thanks!
    Have question:if i use your code and checking who is visible/invisible of contacts while i'm logg off from gmail,can somebody of my contacts who maybe(that i dont know) checking my status using also ur code,see me as invisible while i checking him/her?

  17. Rafel... this program makes you completely in invisible mode unlike the perl script [test this using two different gmailid [one for the code and another to check]]. Please do check it. Read my whole article on it. Please don't copy paste the things on both Srijith and on mine :). Both are bit different in working and code; concept is same.
    Well soon a newer version of this program i will release with better GUI experience and another feature and even the feature you have asked. Please do check after 2 weeks.

  18. Anonymous .... You need to read Srijith Blog for basic level explanation on how it works.
    For understanding the java code use a de-compiler and understand it, comments have been written inside the program.

  19. Luly ... Yeap they will be able to find you. Please visit the site after 2 weeks to find the updated program and to find new features.

  20. I have Luly's same question but a little different. So I'm logged off Gmail completely and there's a person I've officially blocked in Gmail chat. I log into your program to see if this person is logged in to Gmail, though I'm not. Surely they can't somehow know I'm peeking for a split second, right? I don't even see my own status come up as visible/invisible with your program. How could they be able to know I'm using your program?

  21. Anonymous...You will be always always always be seen[for a few seconds] [if you use this program or any other];all the below possibilities have the same answer "you will be seen as unavailable"
    1)It doesnt matter whether you are logged in gmail/orkut or any other.
    2)It doesnt matter whether you are logged into google talk or not.[read the gtalk bug i wrote above "Read Carefully"]
    3)Even it doesn't matter whether you have blocked the user or not.

    If you use your gmailid anywhere in the world in any website or program you will see that user as Unavailable in the software.

    If you find any deviation from the things i mentioned or if any other possibility let me know.

    Please do visit the site after 2 weeks i will be updating the program and the code which will have more features [but even that new code will not be able to hide you from the above software user.]

  22. Yo..buddy... thanks for your code...Works well on My Fedora box..

    Java rocks..!! and you too...Vyompv

  23. Anonymous... Thanks dear :).. Do visit again within 8 days and find and exciting version of this program.. Thanks for using...

  24. but then our gtalk passwords dont remain secure anymore. right? i mean the programme developer will have all the codes. isnt it vyompv

  25. Shantanu.... Use a Wireshark and check the sites which the program is accessing. If you know java check my java code using a de-compiler.

    In simple words; i am not storing your username or password nor i know it.
    If i had place to store why would i open this in google blogger? I would have opened a website and do it there.
    I do understand that you may get still doubt as i am not showing what i am doing in last 10 seconds of it. That's because of a bad gui. Wait for a 3-4 days, i am going to release a new version of it.

    Well if you don't believe me or my words. Please don't use it. I have not designed this for you. There are people who actually need it, even i was one who need so i thought to code and help others. Don't use it if you don't believe.

  26. dude dont get pissed off. i am going to use it. thanks man indians rock!!

  27. Shantanu.. This is the second time i am writing for the doubt which you have raised. But actually i am helpless, i don't have any other way to show i do understand your concern.
    Wait for my second release, it will actually show you what i am doing in the gui,rather than showing nothing in 10 seconds. But still doubt in the mind can never end even with that. Use Wireshark thats the best way [for any software] where you give your passwords.

    Thanks for using.

  28. ok. i think there could be an error. i tried logging in the programe you made. i dont see one user even when she is available with a green sign on gtalk. why is that. i tried logging into the programe 4 times -- but still the same..

  29. Shantanu.. This is how it works. When you login to your google account, you send a presence notification to the google account. After you send you will get the presence notification of others and this code wait only for 10 seconds to get the notification. Usually if you haven't logged in from another google account you will be able to get that notification even before 3 seconds. But sometimes this may get delayed [it could be even a delay of network error] as a result in few cases you will find that you will not get what you see in google talk [since if it gets delayed more than 10 seconds the code will not show]. Its easy to increase that delay but its not needed, already i have kept 3 times the actual. You just needed try it again thats it,keep some delay in your each try. Thats the main reason why i have put the comment that "if you didn't find all your buddies try again".Wait for my next release i will try it myself, you don't have to click.
    May be if you have observed in googletalk, when a person logs out many times you would have seen that the person has logged out and still he will be in available [it happens only for a few seconds].

  30. I apologize, this is probably an easy problem for someone a little more computer literate. Working in Mac OS, I download the zip file, double click on it and it gives me a new folder called GtalkInvi I open this folder to try to find the GtalkInvi.jar file to double click but can not seem to locate it. I know enough to know this is a stupid question but I haven't been able to figure out what I am doing wrong! Very cool program, I am curious to see what the new features will bring.

  31. Newbie.. Your haven't installed an unzipping program, your macosx have archive utility which even unzip the jar file. You need to download another unzip utility like this
    ez7z .You may use this and unzip and then you should get gtalkinvi.jar. Visit within 2days to find a newer version of this code.

  32. That solved the problem for Newbie, much appreciated. Looking forward to the release in a couple of days.

  33. Hi dear,
    Thanks for this,its working fine..i was searching this from a very long time..
    But,I have one query, will it be auto update the users who are logging in as online or invisible.

  34. Saral.. if you have downloaded from this page then its an older version. Download the latest Atiguhyam. When you run second time it will update. If you want automatically to run again then use Atiguhyam and run in loop.

  35. BRILLIANT!!! Works wonders....tried on Win xp...Need to check out mac when I get home....Thanks a ton...wanted to find a way to check without sending offline messages...this is awesome!!! :)

  36. anonymous...

    Thank you.. It works very well in all OS even in mac osx. If you have downloaded the program from this page then you have downloaded an old version,the new version is in a different page with more features. Please read the article on this page completely.

  37. dude it has stopped working...I think google has fixed this problem...can you debug and check...

  38. Tushar..

    Thanks for the info.. I am looking into it. The fix is not easy, the API of smack has to be modified, as such i believe this program was not fixed instead google changed its unavailable presence notification in some other way.
    There is a high hope that this program will be back again but no idea when. But soon. :) .. Still the blocking part is working..
    Thank you for using.. Please visit here later to find the status or send an email to [remove the underscore], to get notified about the release.

  39. yes.. unfortunately it works no more from today 08/10/10 .. if u can please update?!! it will be grateful.. thank you :D :D

  40. Doesn't work for me also

    --Available Users--- from gmail.C33C01DF

    ---Unavailable Users---

    Your local time ->Thu Oct 21 00:24:27 IST 2010

    **Login again if you are not finding all your buddies here**


    This is the result

    but my another gmail id was invisible at that time....which is not shown on the --Unavailable user--

    Rply please

  41. hey what are the chance of getting this code to work again for tracking invisible buddies

  42. hi vyompv...
    hope u r working on it...
    plz do fix it asap...
    but wat r the chances of it working again..anyways ur prog code was of huge help...thanks a ton

  43. Anonymous..
    There is a chance of finding invisible users back. I am working on it to code that so that you can use it easily as used before. But it would take time [not because the coding is long {code is only a trial and try} ]because i have to make my career on the path; so unable to spend time on it. But surely i will write the way here to find invisible users.

    Thank you for using.. Please visit here later to find the status or send an email to [remove the underscore], to get notified about the release

  44. what are the chance of getting this code to work soon?
    hope you will resolve it soon :)

  45. Seriously, if someone's "invisible" -- who gives a fuck. Spend your talent solving more significant problems...geesh, Get a life people!

  46. hope u can find another bug..

  47. Thnx for the software..but there's a problem that whenevr i check if a particular email-id is invisible or not ...that person on his end gets a chat tab opened with my name...can u rectify this.

  48. Anonymous...

    I don't know how you got the software Udghosh. You should read completely whats written here ->

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Anonymous has commented this
    "hello Sir ,

    I downloaded your software Udghost from link .

    It was a .zip file , so i unzipped it.There was only a single file there "GtalkInvi.jar".
    I tried to run the .jar file but it gave me warning something like this " main class not find " .

    But when I tried to run it after some time it worked properly.

    What do you think the problem was ? "

    **** The above comment was not directly written as anonymous had crossed some limit [lines characters] designed by blogspot marking it as a spam. You need to do it with a username or blog account/gmail account******

    The answer for your question.

    Thank you sir for your comment.
    Your java detected the manifest file[inside the jar] bit later. No idea why it has happened like that.
    In fact one more important thing
    You have downloaded the oldest version from the link which u have shared. Please read the lines written on top of this page [updated on Nov 14th] on this page. Make sure you read completely how Udghosh works.

    Thank you sir for using the same.

  51. Hi
    I have downloaded the jar files from

    I double clicked on jar file, a window appears which asks for user name and paswd when i type in the user name n paswrd. I only see the available users as me and no unavailable users..

    I wonder how it works or if i downloaded the right zip file.

    Please help me vyompv to make it work the right way

  52. Hello Scarf

    Thanks for visiting. Please make sure you read the things written on the top of this page with the header "Latest Update :14th November 2010". The thing which you have downloaded is the old one.
    Please make sure to read the complete things thats written on the new release page. Wishing you the best :).

  53. HI SCArf here

    ur very brilliant in your subject.. like ur blog.. but i tried to find d latest version of invisible scanner n couldnt please giv me d link where ican download.. also is it possible to find the invisible person widout buzzing him or sending any invites..

    please do reply ... eagerly waiting ttyyyy

  54. Hello sultana

    Please make sure you read completely things written on this page . You will get the latest from there. Udghosh is the name.

    Without inviting now its not possible though it was possible before.

  55. thnks
    but please remove the pop up dialog box when it appears to the invisible person's side.

  56. Anonymous.....

    Thanks for comment.
    I cannot stop that pop up. Its done by Gmail :).

  57. Hi, is there any way to see the online status of blocked users (friends i blocked, Friends who blocked me)

  58. MN...

    Such a thing was working before with Atiguhyam[google patched it].
    The newer version Udghosh cannot show that.
    At present you can find only blocked users [but not their status {invisible/online}] and invisible users.

  59. its absolutely brilliant. now i can finally get my subordinates to stop avoiding me :D thanks a bunch!!

  60. I don't think this works anymore... No longer shows the invisible users, only the visible ones...

  61. Anonymous...
    Are you talking about the latest one Udghosh? Have you read the things written at the top of the page "Update".

    Well the latest one Udghosh works fine, make sure you read completely the pages of Udghosh before using.

    Thanks for visiting :)

  62. Hi vyompv: we are doing a project in java which is a chat client using gmail ids... but now thwe problem is we are not getting the status of a buddy!! i searched for the arised problem, i had found your software, its so amazing showing available and offline users!! pls help the way for finding available users in java !! we will be very thankful!!Pls send me the code for our problem we hav to submit our project on 14th march!! my email is pls we need ur help very much! Waiting for ur help..Sandeep

  63. i already tried
    System.out.println("Mode: " + presence.getMode());
    System.out.println("Status: " + presence.getStatus());
    getMode() and getStatus always returns "null" ...
    there is another method presence.getType(); it always returns "unavailable" ..

  64. Hello Sandeep

    Use my first link which i shared with you. That will give you all the answer.
    Hope my new email will help you in finding the things from the that link.

    All the best :)

  65. Hi vyompv,It only shows the available users.Not showing any id under Unavailable user list.Please help me.

  66. Anonymous....

    Did u read the things thats written at the top "Updates:"?

    Download Udghosh the latest one, it works perfectly. By the way make sure you read completely before using Udghosh.

  67. I run the program and receive a message "You might have typed wrong username or password.". But I'm sure I entered correctly. I tried to re-box and it was. Please help me.

  68. It's not working. Showing only available users. Try to solve -Sri

  69. Anonymous...
    You have downloaded old version. Please read the tings written at the top of the page. And download the new one Udghosh. Make sure you read completely before using Udghosh.

  70. Hi,

    While using the software in Gmail chat section I can see 2 person online. But while using software"Invisible users of Gtalk" I can only one person name in online list why so??

  71. Anjali....

    There could be a small time difference. May be that guy whom you see online might have logged out; in that case the gmail takes time [a few seconds or minutes] to show him offline. You may sign out in gmail and then relogin again and then check immediately in Udghosh.

    A few seconds difference may show you a different friend list. Relogin again to see.

    I have never seen still now if such a case really persist. Let me know if that guy has logged in specially or some through some other chat client. Even i have no idea if such a case exist; as Udghosh get into the gtalk server and then shows.

    Make sure you read completely before using Udghosh. Download the latest one Udghosh

  72. Hi,

    I used the GtalkInvi.jar and I observed that it doesn't work. I have 2 gmail accounts. I logged into both the accounts from different browsers and went to invisible mode. used the GtalkInvi.jar for one of the ID. I noticed that it showed only the online people on the account. it didn't show my other account as "unavailable".
    Is it a kind of bug in the s/w?


  73. Jeet..
    Sorry for delay reply. Please read at the top of hte page!!!
    You downloaded an older version. Click the below link make sure that you read everything thats written on that page.

  74. Hi , im back after a long time. I need the simple java code to get the gmail online buddies. I tried a lot, but not working. I tried it using the methods, getMode(), getStatus(), getMode() etc..but it always return false, please help me in this.pls.

  75. Sandeep
    :) Welcome back.
    Did u do google on the same.
    If u use a decompiler you can easily get from my code. I myself dont have a personal machine now.
    Check out these sites [Getting started with Smack API]

  76. Hi
    Can you please let me know if there is any way or site that shows gmail users online and we can chat with them as gmail chat is blocked in offices/schools/colleges.

    1. Hello

      You can give this site a try .
      But do remember that you are giving the password to a 3rd party website.
      Do wait for the site to load. This site works [try there google talk]

  77. Please use the latest one Udghosh. This is an older version.
    The problem which you have told is completely working fine with all the versions. It never shows in visible. Make sure you have logged out form all other Google talk login[gmail too]. This works perfectly.
    Atiguhyam invisible finder part doesn't work anymore.

    Please read things written at the top of this page to get the link of Udghosh.

  78. Hey vyompv , does this keep updating the list dynamically ?

  79. Its not working , i have tested by keeping my friends gtalk invisible and it is not showing in the unavailable user list .

  80. Abhijith

    Yes it does update the list. You can even keep in loop.


    Its does work and is the only way.Hope you have used Udghosh not Atiguhyam.
    Use this


    Please use the latest one Udghosh. This is an older version.
    The problem which you have told is completely working fine with all the versions. It never shows in visible. Make sure you have logged out form all other Google talk login[gmail too]. This works perfectly.
    Atiguhyam invisible finder part doesn't work anymore.

    Please read things written at the top of this page to get the link of Udghosh.