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Atiguhyam - Find invisible / blocking users on googletalk

Latest Update: 14th November 2010
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Atiguhyam [sanskrit word] is the name i gave to the software which find invisible and blocking buddies on google talk. Atiguhyam means "very secret".

If you are visiting this site for first time or have forgotten the "Read carefully instructions", please visit this link before reading further. Its very important to read the instructions given there. It speaks how the invisible searching of the user is done and also the important instruction for the output it produces. I am not going repeat the things here.

The invisible part of this software has stopped working from 8th October 2010. Google talk has changed its presence notification in a different way.Click here. Finding blocking users is still working in this software, use it before the google do a patch for that too.

I like to thank Srijith from whose blog [find invisible users using perl scrpit] i got inspiration to start my work on this.

This software has got two parts : Finding invisible buddies and Finding buddies who has blocked you. No explanation has been given on this page about invisible part.

About blocking buddies search:

This part of the software was built after getting inspiration from the blog of Rakshit Khare. He has very well illustrated how we can find whether a buddy/user on google talk has blocked you or not. I am not going to copy the same here or explain here. Please visit his blog to find the logic how its done.

Atiguhyam software coding is in java and have used the package smack to do the same. It uses the smack vCard to check the profile name of each user/buddy and then tries to get their profile name. If the Atiguhyam don't get their profile name, then it displays as blocked. Chance of getting a network error is very high. So manytimes/sometimes you will find the users who are not blocked you as blocked. To confirm about that particular user/buddy use the single email id option to check. Even in this there is a chance of getting network error and might become wrong. Please do it 4-5 times in a good internet connection and then only confirm about the user blocking status. Please increase the number of attempt if the person is important for you or if you have patience.

I do understand that it can become very emotional if someone has blocked you from chatting. It all depends on how much that person is important for you. May be father/mother has blocked you or the son/daughter has blocked you, your lover/beloved has blocked you or colleague or friends or any relation or any business partner or someone whom i have not mentioned. But still i believe once own mind is responsible for emotion or his own downfall. People don't have control on his own mind and people expect to control others and others feeling. Alas! the person fall in his own mind trap. I do understand the emotion that a person may undergo after seeing the result.

Reasons why somebody would have blocked you
1. By unknowingly your buddy would have done.
2. May be he/she wanted to avoid so that he/she can experiment something and he forgot to make it right.
3. Even he/she might be waiting for you to come online.
4. Possibly because of your behaviour he/she have blocked you, and now it would have become far that you can correct.
5. He/She may not have understood you.
6. May be he/she would have blocked all the people in his/her chat.
7. He/She wants to stay alone.
8. He/She want more privacy from you as you don't have control on your own mouth or for any other reason.
There could be many other reasons why someone would have blocked you. But even if people have blocked you, there will be always people in the world to chat with you [if not anyone i am there] and you always have place in the world to live. Grow your mind see the world beyond you see now. See the other billions of billions of male/female whom you can contact and chat. Put an effort rather than becoming emotional.

Features of Atiguhyam

Unavailable/invisible buddy finding part:
1. Find invisible buddies/users on google talk.
2. You can do a loop or run it for ever to know when a user/buddy comes online/invisible.
3. Also you may get the place from where your buddy has logged in [gmail/orkut/googletalk/anyother].
4. Looping result is also saved in a file.

Blocking buddies finding part:

5. Find blocking buddies/users on google talk.
6. Scan all your buddies/users on google talk to find their blocking status or check only one user/buddy.
7. Know the status of buddies who has blocked you. [when they login google account you can know]
8. Know the status of buddies whom you have blocked. [when they login google account you can know]

9. Get your buddy's profile name [the name that your buddy has written in his profile]

10. You can use all the above mentioned features even with googleapps [google talk].

Known Bugs/Issues
I will not be able to solve these bugs in the near future.
1. Network error is highly possible while finding a user who has blocked you. You need to try 4-5 times or more with your buddy's email-id to check his blocking status.If you ever in any of your try get his/her profile name then its sure that he has not blocked you.
2. Due to network error sometime/manytimes the profile name doesn't get matched with the email id.

Looks and functions of each item

1.Finding invisible part:

1.Here you can change the domain to any google apps domain which uses googletalk.
2.You can check this box to run the invisible repeatedly after 20 seconds. It stops only when you uncheck during any loop. While in loop all the available/unavailable lists with time of running are stored in a file, which will be created in the same directory where this program resides. When the text file grows more than 900KB a new file is created, so please keep this program in the special/separate directory while running in loop.The file name created will be in this format "Gtalk-date-month-hour-min.txt".
3.Login to find invisible/unavailable buddies in your google talk account.Hope you have read "Read Carefully" instructions over here.

2.Finding Blocking users part:

4.Login to find blocking users/buddies in your google talk account.
5.If you want to scan all the users of google talk and find their blocking status leave this field empty. If you want to find the blocking status of a particular emailid of your buddy, enter in this field the emailid correctly. Please do recheck of all the people who has blocked you by using this. Network error is highly possible.
6.Check this to see the profile name of all your buddy. Sometimes/manytimes due to network error the profile name may not match with the emailid. Uncheck to stop showing the profilename and to see the count.
7.If you want to report a bug other than mentioned click on the image and know the place where you can post the bugs which are not mentioned here. Please make sure that you mention the bug correctly so that it can replicated.

Important instructions:
While using Atiguhyam please make sure that you have a very good high speed network. Also make sure that google talk is working in your system.
The search for blocking users/buddy is highly affected by network. Even though you have a good network, internally while transferring data a network can happen and show your buddy in blocking state. To make sure that your buddy has blocked you, use the individual email-id option and first try a user who has not blocked you, check if his/her state is coming properly and then try your buddy's status 4-5 times [keep interval of 2-3 minute in each try] or more; in anyone of the try your blocked buddy's profile name should not be shown, even if its shown once that means he hasn't blocked you and its because of network error.
A special case :
You may find while scanning for blocking users an email id like this "". This id indicates that this buddy is from your orkut and he/she has registered in orkut using an emailid other than gmailid. If such a buddy hasn't blocked you then only you will be able to get his profile name else the software will not be able to show his identity/profile name, and you may find difficult to understand who the buddy is.

How to run and other instructions:
This article was written keeping in mind that you have already read my first article on finding invisible users. If not or for all the other instructions please visit my first article over here.

Important FAQ:
1. You [developer] will come to know my username and password?
A. All the chat client don't show the unavailable user i just changed only that part of the code and i am showing it. [What if those gtalk client started showing the same then obviously there wont be meaning in the invisible user and may be google will change protocol of chat] Please use a java decompiler and then check my code or the program which you run if you doubt the program. May be you don't know Java to check my code, in that case go and download wireshark and then you can see all the site which your computer is visiting.Run my code and see which site my code is visiting. Please don't use this program if you can't do both and still have doubt. In simple words; i am not storing your username or password nor i know it.

2.  Can somebody find me in unavailable state if i use Atiguhyam program ?
A. You will be always always always be seen [unavailable][for a few seconds] [if you use this program or any other];all the below possibilities have the same answer "you will be seen as unavailable"
1)It doesnt matter whether you are logged in gmail/orkut or any other.
2)It doesnt matter whether you are logged into google talk or not.[read the gtalk bug i wrote here "Read Carefully"]
3)Even it doesn't matter whether you have blocked the user or not.
If you use your gmailid anywhere in the world in any website or program you will see that user as Unavailable in this software.

3.  Is this illegal?
A. Nope.This code shows only what other chat client doesn't show nor they wanted to show. All the chat client don't show the unavailable user i just changed only that part of the code and i am showing it. [What if those gtalk client started showing the same then obviously there wont be meaning in the invisible user and may be google will change protocol of chat].

4. Will my account be disabled if i loop this program for days together?
A. My answer is still no. As you are not going to change your ip in each login, as you are not giving wrong password again and again, as you will not be trying to login from a different location in the same account. But still to be in the safer side, please visit this site and be ready with all the details to fill there and also you may click contact us on this site and write there. This is only precaution, if in anyway you loose your account then you can do the same. Yeap i tested with my main account for 24 hours and still nothing has happened to the account, no problem was there and when i tried i kept 10 seconds delay which is even less than what is programmed in Atiguhyam. I have found other person who did the same for 24 hours. I don't see any reason why the account will be blocked or disabled. A loop means that you are going on and off the account continuously, i haven't seen anywhere they made that restriction on that. If you still doubt make a dummy account and try to run this loop program for ever [more than 7 days]and do let me know if any bug arises or if it get blocked.

5. How can i contact you personally?
A. Why you want to contact me? I am not an excellent coder or a programmer. But still if you want to contact me personally remove the .blogspot and others on the right side from the web-address and then send it across I don't want spamming in my mail id that's the reason i mentioned my mail id indirectly. I will be replying the comments here if you have put any, so i will encourage you for that. If you didn't get my reply on time, then please understand that i didn't get access on internet for those days.

Please do comment in the blog and let me know how you used it, i wish to hear from you. Thank you :).

And the last Part:
Atiguhyam program. Click on any of the below link:
Hope you have read both my pages of invisible and Atiguhyam page completely.
The file size is 1MB.
Last update on Atiguhyam:15th Aug 2010.

Thank you for downloading and visiting this site :).


  1. nice work!! but there is one email ID that i still dont see even when that person becomes available. same problem that i was facing earlier.
    i pinned two school friends who had blocked me!!

  2. Shantanau... Get into google talk software and see whether you able to see. Then you log out from google talk and see whether you are able to see; else you try the loop and check for 3-4 minutes you should be able to see. Atiguhyam doesn't go and serach your friends, it waits for your friends to send you the presence [and it doesn't matter whether its Atiguhyam or google talk; the working and concept is same]. Make sure that your friends had blocked you not a neetwork error [every run you get the same guys then its guaranteed]. I am sorry if you felt hurt after finding that.

  3. I have a problem with the continuous loop stopping after awhile. Sometimes its a few minutes and other times, the loop last only an hour or two. The program doesn't freeze but it just hangs there indefinitely. Wondering if any other people have similar problems or solutions

  4. Lunar... Can you tell me your OS, Internet speed? And the other important thing is the last lines which it has written on the Atiguhyam window.. Other questions:
    Did it happen when you ran blocking and invisible together? at what point it hanged [last message you are seeing on the screen]? I will check the whole code again if you could give the above information. Last one more thing can you check any other java jar file from net and run it for a few hour? If you have any other system then do try on other system and if same error persist let me know. But please tell the last lines in the window. Thank you for telling the problem.

  5. Vyomi, Sweetheart what a code! I am proud of you :)

  6. Hi, its a cool software. Thanks Friend. Superb job

  7. Hi,Thanks for this ...i am not able to find the file that is created automatically .do i need to do any setting for this.please help me

  8. Hi Saral
    Put this program in a new folder and then run it. You will find the file inside that folder. Please let me know your OS if you still couldn't find it. Please do reply.

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for ur reply,but now the s/w stops running from last is giving error-
    Could not find the main class-googletalk.gtalkmain.program will exit.

    please help me out.i havent done any changes to my system.but some how its not running.

  10. Saral
    How many hours did it run? [ you can calculate exactly by seeing the text file it created]. Just try a reboot in your machine and check it again. It might happen because of low memory. Do reply back here.

  11. Hi,
    after rebooting it started working...but still the text file is not created.
    My OS is windows 7.
    Kindly guide me what i need to do for this. I have already created a new folder and put the jar inside the folder.

  12. Saral

    I don't have a direct access to Windows 7 or Windows Vista. I have ran the program on Solaris [10],Linux[Suse,Redhat],Windows[2000,XP] and mac[Leopard] for hours no issue was there. Check whether any of your other programs are using the java or accumulating the memory.
    File is created when you are keep in loop. A new file is created in this date format "Gtalk-29-Aug-15-21" where 29 is date, 15 is hours and 21 is minutes. The file will be in the text or .txt extension.
    A good memory management is there with this program as java handles it. Please let me know if you face any problem again. Please do check whether any other program is running which uses the memory,also check whether you are finding all the invisible users of google talk in the created file.

  13. Hi,
    still the file is not created anywhere in the system and it is showing me the invisible user list in the UI.

  14. Saral...

    Do you have any access to Windows XP? Can you please check in that and see how the things work.
    When you put in a loop, in the first run of loop itself it creates the file in the same folder where the program resides.

    Can you please do these things?
    Check whether are you able to manually create a file using textpad[notepad]and see whether you are able to write in that file in it and save it again in your windows 7 that folder. [Check whether do you have access to write in that folder and keep a file].
    Can i know your java version? [in control panel you will have a Java application, in that check General->About].
    Please let me know the problem if you are still facing.

  15. hi,
    i dont have access to xp at my system.and the java version is 1.6.
    and i have created a file and write in that and save the same in that folder.its working.

  16. hello ..
    does your program will also work if we are using a proxy server ??
    Is there any provision of proxy settings in it or not ??

  17. Saral..

    I am trying trying to get windows 7 to check it. I don't find any reason why its not showing as its in Java. Let me myself check in Windows 7.

  18. plz explain the settings for using it with a proxy server

  19. vicky..

    Download the program and check it .. It depends on your firewall settings whether it allows 5222 to be connected or not. If 5222 is not allowed to connect then you will not be able to use this program.
    If you are a newbie on this setting of proxy, set it in Internet option of Windows and then check whether google talk is working or if its working then this also works.
    My explained setting may not work for you. I have a different proxy setting here. You need to read his site to get to know what your setting could be.
    The program connects to server and will connect to the port 5222.

  20. Saral..

    I have tested now in Windows Vista and Windows 7, its working very fine here. No issue at all. I don't know the reason why its not working in your system only and why the memory error is occuring. May be you have something to do with the memory.

    If you don't have any other system to try. You can install a virtual box [free] and try a new OS [linux OS is free linke ubuntu] in the virtual box and then may try the program.

  21. hii .. i have to connect to net through a local proxy server here in my college. I've manually entered the port number n address of proxy server in my google talk settings.
    Just wanted to know that whether this program will work this way or not ??

  22. Hi,
    The program is working fine but only the problem is not able to get the file in my system(windows7).

  23. Saral...

    I have checked it, in Windows 7 & Vista the loop of invisible users is creating the file and is working very fine as it works in other systems.
    These are all just try...
    1) You can uninstall java and then reinstall the latest java. Do remember to delete the folder wher its installed.Download the latest JRE from sun microsystem site and install it. Do not upgrade java.
    2) Other option is what i told to use Virtual box and install everything from scrap.
    I have no idea what is happening in you system.
    Some problem is happening in your system, i believe its a memory problem.

  24. I used this on win 7 and Vista and it works fine. At times it shows a few as "blocked" although on repeatedly trying only the actually blocked ppl are shown.

    I used this just out of interest and am looking fwd to read more blogs from you.

  25. Shivaja

    Thank you for verifying in the Windows 7 and Vista.

    It would be a completely technical blog and mainly on linux system.
    Anyway Welcome :).. Thank you for trying..

  26. Hey vyompv!!!thank u so muchhhhhhhh dude!!i alwaz had doubt tat my GF goes invisible..n i was mentally disturbed thinking tat she chats with other guys in invisible mode...but now i knw she always logs so relieved....i had tried eveythin but nothin worked...tried ur technique n it works perfectly fine!! Thank You!!! keep up the good work!!

  27. Anonymous...
    Thankyou for sharing your experience. Felt pleasant to hear from you and how you used and increased your trust in your relationship :) ...

  28. Great program...however...if I run the loop, it continually stops. Sometimes it stops after just a minute or two and sometimes it will run for a couple of hours. But usually it stops after only a few minutes to an hour. What can I do to make it run consitently on the loop? I am using Windows XP

  29. If you use your gmailid anywhere in the world in any website or program you will see that user as Unavailable in this software.
    - why then when I use gmail id from iphone(even i was logged in),this atiguhyam didnt detect me as invisible from friend's list when we tryed your software?

  30. Anonymous...

    I myself has tested the loop[without break] for 56 hours. I tested it in my work place and i had to stop as a new policy came that i have to shutdown my system daily :( else i would have gone for 3days[72 hours]. I tried in Redhat. I have not find any trouble while running and it had all the logs.
    In past i have even tried 24 hours in a laptop [without problem] in Windows XP.
    I have used the java console to even test the thread and the memory it consumes and i found that java virtual machine does it very perfectly and consumes less memory and the unused threads are garbage collected.

    Even sometimes for me too after running 2-3 hours it got stopped.
    The possible reason why it stops are ->
    1. The network is not continuous or its not a good internet connection.
    2. May be you are downloading something else, hence this program gets the network packet bit delayed
    3. May be due to other java running program the error can occur [but very rare].
    4. A network failure/delay can occur from the google end also.

    As such this program will not try again to connect if there is a false in the network connection/any other in any one of the loop.

    The main reason why this program doesn't try again and again if network fails/any other failure :
    In a loop this program relogin continuously to find the invisible buddies. If in any chance the google doubted the login [or you give a wrong password or network ip doubt, then it gives a image verification which this code cannot handle] and this code if tries continuously then your account gets locked [saying unusual activity]. I did not want to risk your main email account, so it gets stopped once if a loop becomes unsuccessful.

    Well the loop works very fine if your network is very good and Java Virtual Machine is free from errors.

  31. Bhatnagar....

    Actually that sentence and all this is mainly for google talk and only when you have logged in.
    But why it happens?
    It depends on your way of logging in gmail. In iphone you actually didn't login gmail instead you have either used imap or pop to GET the mails of gmail. Now the gmail ask username/password to GET the mails that doesn't mean that you have logged in gmail and staying in gmail. The same thing will happen if you use outlook or thunderbird or anything else which fetches the mail at particular interval.
    Now one more concept is there, Gmail can push your mail to your iphone even in that case you are not logged in gmail.

    When i say here logged in i actually mean that you login in google/gmail and stay connected with some cookies which will frequently establish the connection automatically.

    In blackberry there is an enhanced plugin, so if you use that and logged in then you can see here in this program. [with that program you can use label, star,search gmail etc.]. The program will detect since it has a Continuous data synchronization.

    Also if you forward all your mails to another mail id it will not detect as you did not logged in gmail!! :)

  32. Thank you for the answer:)

  33. Bhatnagar...

    Welcome and thank you for visiting the site and using the software :).

  34. Hello there! Nice job my friend!!
    One question. How can i change the time login?
    20 seconds is too quick.. (for me).
    Is there any way?

  35. Anonymous...

    If you look from one angle its too quick.. But there is always a chance that within 15 seconds one can login and logout ;) [just to check email]. So if this program missed that person in the first 20 seconds then it should be able to show in the next 20 seconds since presence is always checked while logging [guaranteed check] in.
    Out of the 20 seconds only 10 seconds or so this code checks the presence, after that it waits for the next run.
    So showing people is more important for the program if any person is missed then this program cannot be reliable thats the reason its running in a short period.
    I did not want to make it bit complicated for general users so i haven't given the users to make the delay in their freedom. Made the gui simple so that anybody can understand without reading any docs.
    In short you don't have that option in the present gui. The only thing you will see is a huge number of logs. You just need to search in that your particular persons name, if you just want to check who all go in invisible mode then it might be quite tough [may be you can easily remove the person name whom you know [so that logs get reduced] and then search again for other person]. If you are using linux, mac then you can probably do a small shell script to search in the log files easily.

  36. Yes. You ve got right!!
    Thank you for the explanation Vyompv.
    My friend you are really a genious.

    One more question. If i have blocked a contact,
    and want to see if had blocked me too, show me:

    "The mail id you have typed is wrong please recheck.
    Its also possible that email account has been deleted."

    When i Unblocked the contact, it found the mail and told me what i wanted to know.

    So when i have a blocked contact, will the email appear in my log txt ?

    Than you in advance Vyompv!

  37. Anonymous...

    Blocking works like this:
    It tries to get all the contacts in your list[subscribed] and then tries to match it with your given contact, if that contact is not in your list then it will show the error which you have seen.
    Once you unblock your contact it will be then in your contact list[subscribed].

    While finding invisible users it just see the presence send by others [so it doesn't matter when you block or other block.]. Some times you may see your own mailid there!! [it happens when you login from somewhere else].

    The log file is generated in the text file only when its in loop [invisible]. In all other case it will be shown only inside the program.
    Hope i have cleared your doubt.

  38. Anonyomous...

    To be noted, if you write more lines than expected being anonymous, the comment doesn't get printed here [a security measure from google, it auto deletes the comment]. You need to stay with a google account.

    I checked with my own accounts by keeping the scenario you have mentioned then what i saw:
    1)I blocked "Sam", but still i was able to get his presence as unavailable user.
    2)"Sam" blocked me but still i was able to get "Sam" presence as unavailable user.

    3)I blocked "Sam" i couldn't check his blocking status.
    4)"Sam" blocked me i could understand that he has blocked me.

  39. Hi Vyom,

    I've covered a post on your Software, here:

    Cheers for putting up the beautiful piece of software in Java and making a Windows installer.


  40. Hey vyom!!!!gr8 work so there a way by which i can knw someone who is not in my list, is online(not ncessarily invisible)

  41. Anonymous...

    Not possible with this :( .. then its cracking google account :).
    I don't know about it.

  42. THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT WORKING NOW ... GOOGLE seems to have fixed it now .. since october 8, 2010 my unavailable list is empty , it shows only available ppl , i checked by signing invi through one of my contact ..

  43. Ali..

    Thanks for the info.. I am looking into it. The fix is not easy, the API of smack has to be modified, as such i believe this program was not fixed instead google changed its unavailable presence notification in some other way.
    There is a high hope that this program will be back again but no idea when. But soon. :) .. Still the blocking part is working..
    Thank you for using.. Please visit here later to find the status or send an email to [remove the underscore], to get notified about the release.

  44. has the error been corrected yet .. !! ... we are still waiting for the changed version of yours .. !! ...

  45. this s/w is not working now..... so sad... :-(

  46. Hieee, this software worked for me at first... But its not working for me now... (It doesnt detect invisible or unavailable users, It only gives a list of online users or friends).

    I coudnt figure out what went wrong... I have changed my operating system to windows 7 from XP ( but i dont think that should be the problem ). Do you have any solution... ?

    Thanks in advance

    Navin Tellis

  47. Hi All
    Please read the blog completely or check out the link. The Program is down from 18th Oct 2010. See the details here ->
    Either put an email to vyompvblog(at) for intimating the new release or just visit the site later.
    Visit the site/email and use it before the next patch from google .

  48. waiting for new release!
    great work btw, it helped me a lot!

  49. when logged in from my id i am shown as visible to others even though i am offline via gtalk..

  50. Please use the latest one Udghosh. This is an older version.
    The problem which you have told is completely working fine with all the versions. It never shows in visible. Make sure you have logged out form all other Google talk login[gmail too]. This works perfectly.
    Atiguhyam invisible finder part doesn't work anymore.