Saturday, October 9, 2010

A tribute to Atiguhyam [invisible finding part]

Latest Update: 14th November 2010
If you are visiting first time please visit this link to get the latest release:
About the old release:
This software showed one of the best part in google talk which every other part of the world wanted to know. Alas!! on 8th October 2010 this software did not work again to show you the invisible buddies.The idea of finding invisible part was exposed 2-3 years back by federico.zanco and Srijith in C++ and Perl coding respectively. But Atiguhyam coded in Java made the usage very simple and its basic function was released on June 26th 2010 and updated on 14th August 2010. Atiguhyam was highly successful that you can see, the Google woke up and patched that idea. Google talk now doesn't send the presence of invisible users or it sends presence only of available persons; so this idea is now never going to work. Google team said to be having one of the best Developers and Testers in the world did not care to fix it when it was exposed years back. The growth of Atiguhyam made them to fix it. Or i can say that Atiguhyam opened their eyes, since it was in Java it could be used easily and can be run in any system. Yeap its another true thing that this was the first software of the developer who developed it and that too he is a very small kid [not in age] in coding, only the idea ignited and effort was put thus it was developed. And as a profession he is not a developer as of now. "So the gigantic google talk team patched Atiguhyam". Soon they may try to patch the second part of Atiguhyam [finding blocking users], its still working you can use it.

For the people who wanted to find Invisible users
Atiguhyam was the last possible idea by which you can find invisible users of google talk. So as of now there is no way to find invisible users in google talk, so you can stop searching in google/yahoo for that. If you just want to know whether your buddy is avoiding you then you can send an email with [which will tell you whether a person has opened an email or not also datetime, location]. Either send an email with your own email id with attractive subject or with some other emailid with a good subject. [it has got many other features].  Yeap there is no way to find whether buddy is avoiding you only in chatting.
Do have trust in your relationship, do not have close friends[lovers/beloved] whom you cannot trust. The population of the world is huge  [6,873,900,000; out of which 1/4th kids, 1/4th old; still 2/4th population is there for friendship] so if you loose one friend still you can grow your mind and make more friends. God hasn't died so still he will make more good behaving and beautiful looking people. So stop your search and grow your mind.

For the Google team who patched it
Have you ever thought why many people in the world wanted to know who are in invisible? Lets forget the part of the people who wants to tease others or want to try something different. Invisible mode is a very good feature. If you look from one angle when people go in invisible they just wanted to avoid talking to other people [either don't have time or wanted to chat with only selective people]. If you look that part of the people who were really making using of Atiguhyam was the people who just wanted to know whether a particular buddy were avoiding or not and why they don't reply their email etc or whether their buddy is living or not or whether their buddy using that emailid; to know these things are very important for the person's life and for his growth. So to keep the things in proper order google talk should some how tell the affected party whether their buddy is using google talk or not. One best way i thought and got was to just show a time at which the buddy was last seen in google talk [let that status be shown 5-10 min after the person logs out]this would help both the parties and also people will not try to search for a invisible finder program for google talk. Also then google talk will help to maintain a relationship and grow the mind.
Hope you soon at least make this feature, since you are making the other part of the people in tense and pressure when you patched this code :).

Thank you for using those people who used the software. Sorry for those people who couldn't use invisible part of Atiguhyam; blocking users part is still working you can use that. Well this blog technical will be still running. Thanks for visiting :)